Friday 9 August 2013

Welcome to the Christopher Clarke Antiques Blog.

      So after a couple of years thinking that we really should have a blog to compliment our website and social media activities we are finally there.
  Why now ? Well, simply the time feels right and for anything like this to really work you need to want to do it. Right now I really want to blog. We have so many interesting things going on in the shop and so many stories to tell.  Facebook and Twitter work well but have their limitations. Writing a blog will fill a gap that I feel is missing in how we communicate  with our many friends and customers. 
  So how's this thing going to work ? I am not really sure but I think I have some good ideas. The plan is help keep everyone better informed on what is going on at Christopher Clarke Antiques and maybe give you all a better insight on how we run our business. There will events information along with research and restoration projects, side by side with ramblings on the day to day running of an antiques shop in the Cotswolds.
      Above all it is going to be fun, informative, easy to read and hopefully useful.

 You may see various changes going on in the look of our blog initially as we steer our way through the set up teething stages. Bear with us and above all enjoy and feel free to comment. We would love to hear from you. 
 Simon & Sean Clarke

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